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6 Advantages For Investment in Turkey


1. Flexibility of the law:
Investment legislation in Turkey is considered uncomplicated and in accordance with international standards,
The foreign investor is almost as domestic as through the investment law in Turkey,
Where the law of investment in Turkey granted the right to citizens of 183 countries to invest in real estate in Turkey and participate in its urban activity,


2. Multiple options:
Where Turkey contains a huge material from the infrastructure to real estate investment through the multi-non-active industries, Giving a greater profit rate for the project before it starts.


3. Population inflation:
The high proportion of the population, especially in the major cities of Turkey led to the rise of the real estate investment sector,
Making a clear difference in the number of projects and reconstructed real estate in Turkey.


4. Political situation:
The political stability enjoyed by Turkey has encouraged many Arab and international investors to implement new projects within Turkish territory.


5. Religious nature:
One of Turkey’s most important characteristics is its religious nature, and this encourages many Arab investors to come to Turkey.


6. Attractive Location:
Turkey’s unique geographic location and the fact that it is a link between the two continents of Asia and Europe. Considering that tourism in Turkey is one of the best places of tourism, And do not forget the beautiful nature that stuns the sight.