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What are the most profitable goods to import from Turkey?


1 – Turkish clothing has a large demand in the purchase, especially women’s clothing and underwear, in addition to the Turkish abayas, it is a successful import project alone because of its excellence and precision.


2 – Some of the household appliances and equipment, for example, you will find the crews of the Turkish granite sheet is a request in the commercial market and bought by families and brides because of the colors and designs are wonderful and quality compared to other homemade.


3 – Turkish imported furniture is the most profitable goods imported Turkish required in the commercial market such as sets of beds and mattresses embroidered bedclothes and quilts and most important of this Turkish table mats.


4- Turkish soap is one of the most popular and favorite goods when importing from Turkey, because they have certain kinds of soap for skin, which is available only in Turkey because of its amazing benefits for skin.